As Rotarians, we put "Service before Self".  This involves us in a wide range of projects, of different magnitudes and time-scales, and in many countries.   We commonly work in co-operation with other Rotarian Clubs in the UK and overseas, but co-operate activly with other charities, organizations - and, not least, with individuals 

SOME of these activities are outlined in more detail separately.  Those within the UK, particularly the local region, are shown separately from our overseas, international, work.   

In order to undertake such projects, club members are necessarily involved in efforts to raise funds from the public.  However, such fund-raising is only seen as necessary to enable us to provide the service that is required - it is not an end in itself.  Generally we prefer to provide specific physical or technical support.   For example, members regularly assist at sessions with carers and with those being cared for.  Other projects may involve specific expertize that can be provided by individual or groups of Club Members.  

We repeat, the examples given on the UK and International pages are only indicative of the sort of  work we have undertaken.  Our blogspot gives better illustrated, less formal and fuller coverage