All our members

Two lists of all members since our club was chartered in 1922, one sorted chronologically and the other alphabetically.

ALL MEMBERS from 1922 to now is a list of all the members of the Rotary Club of Cambridge since the club was chartered in 1922.

The spreadsheet comprises two sheets, one sorted alphabetically and the other chronologically. The spreadsheet is as complete as the records permit, taken from handwritten and typed Council minutes from 1922 to 1952 and the Cash Book (joining fee and annual subs) covering the same period, together with the almost complete collection of printed annual Lists of Members from 1947-48 to 2009-10 editions, missing only 1969-70 and 1997-98 editions. Since then digital records have been used to date and are now used to enter new members and record the date a member leaves. In many cases exact dates were not available so a best estimate within 6 months was used to determine the year. These documents were lodged with the Cambridgeshire archives in 2011.
Francis Hookham - January 2018