President Ian Jess with Principals of Guid Nychburris.

A Happy Rotary Week for The Dumfries Club

President Ian Jess with Principals of
          Guid Nychburris.

The past week has been thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying for the members of Dumfries Rotary Club.

Firstly, long with six fellow Rotary Clubs in this area, last Wednesday we took part in the annual Kids Out day at the Barony College. Over 140 children with learning or physical disabilities, and over 120 of their devoted carers, were ferried out to the College, some of them in mini buses and some in cars festooned with balloons and streamers. All of them were making a lot of noise!

Our thanks go out to the College for making their wide open spaces available to us, for allowing us access to their livestock enclosures and for providing non-stop tractor rides, all greatly enjoyed by the kids and their marvelous carers. Entertainment was also provided by singers, a magician and  that well known jack of all trades Daffy Dilly.Another highlight was the packed lunch, fruit provided by Marks & Spencer and vast quantities of ice cream.

It was a great day all round, with Rotarians enjoying themselves just as much as the children! What is more, the weather was ideal for such a day, just pleasantly comfortable all day long. Our photographs give a little flavour of the day, and of the pleasure it gives to these brave kids. Long may this annual event continue.

Another welcome annual event is the visit to the Club by the principals in the Guid Nychburris celebrations. They always visit us on the Friday immediately before Guid Nychburris Day. The 2012 Cornet, Grant Anderson, introduced his lass Katie Muirhead, and his four Lynors, three of whom had little or no prior knowledge of horses or of how to stay in the saddle. As Grant said, all credit is due to them for their perseverance, and, while they have not yet entirely mastered their equine skills, they can at least stay on board! Katie Muirhead, who is training as a para-legal Criminal Specialist, has ridden horses since she was little, and told members how much she had enjoyed the honour of being elected Cornet's Lass, and how rewarding she had found the activities undertaken by the