51st President of The Rotary Club of Fleet

Mon 25th June 2012

51st President of The Rotary Club of Fleet - www.fleetrotary.org.uk

Rotarian David White became the new President of The Rotary Club of Fleet when President Malcolm Inglis chaired the handover meeting at North Hants Golf Club on 25 June 2012

A message from our President

I look forward to my year as President of the Rotary Club of Fleet and hope we can encourage support for each other and the continuing fellowship which the Club enjoys.
David - then and now
Rotary is going through a period of change and with your help I hope we can implement these changes. As you know last year a considerable amount of time has been spent in producing our commitment to these changes by introducing a structure of how we will conduct the future business of the Club. This has now been ratified by the Club and will form my plan for the future.

The Club will continue to support the various activities of previous years, which have proven to be very successful. This success depends on the support of you, the Club members, and without your support nothing will happen. The Service Committee will be asking for your support throughout the year for these and future activities.

We must strive to encourage new membership and to ensure that we can provide a spirit of mutual respect and friendship.

Above all I hope we can all enjoy Rotary and the fellowship that it brings,

My chosen charity is BRA