Serving our Community

Many of our members joined Rotary because it offers a chance to 'give something back'

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In recent times we have undertaken a wide range of projects to help local people, particularly the young and the elderly.   The examples below are from our current or recent programmes.

The Young

We help them to pursue their interest in art, music, sport and voluntary work, including overseas.   We organise:

  • An annual Young Photographer Competition
  • An annual local Young Chef Competition and support the winner at District and national levels
  • A national football competition held at St George's Park Football Centre

We co-promote or encourage participation in:

  • Our District Young Musicians Concert
  • The Burton Mail Children of Courage and Achievement Awards

We seek close links with local schools and youth organisations to identify ways in which we can help.

  • Providing funding for school trips
  • Running Young Citizens Award schemes
  • Providing school prizes
  • Organising mock interviews
  • Encouraging and fundingenvironmental projects
  • Commissioning a design project
  • Providing mountaineering equipment for Burton Venture Trust
  • Providing financial support for young people taking part in World Challenge and similar.

Our District Youth Exchange Programmes are open to young people between the ages of 15 to 25:

  • Short term Family to Family exchanges
  • Youth Service exchange
  • Camps and tours
  • Long term exchanges, normally for an academic year

Adults and the Elderly

Examples of our practical support:

  • Creating and running a weekly Carers+ Café
  • Garden maintenance at our local Children's Hospice
  • Running Stroke Awareness Days
  • Decorating at the local riding school for the disabled
  • Supplying and fitting bookshelves at the local addiction centre
  • Organising days out for the elderly
  • Supplying food parcels for the needy
  • Providing supplies to a foodbank
  • Advising clients at a local Drug and Rehabilitation Centre on their CVs and providing mock interviews.
If you would like to be involved, do contact us.

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