St George's Night 2008

Having celebrated the Scots on Burns night - even though none of us were Scottish -we decided that St George should get a look-in, too. The Social committee duly put together an evening to celebrate the many strange facets of the English nation, from Shakespeare through Fawlty Towers to Land of Hope and Glory.

So it was that, playing to a packed audience, the newly formed High Suffolk Footlights Revue company dazzled with their debut performance at the Old Mill Theatre, Saxtead. A stunning mixture of music, nostalgia, prose, poetry and humour overcame the back-row barracking of Brian, Barry and Boys to completely overwhelm their enthusiastic audience. The group's performance was tightly controlled by Cecil B De Pulham who, following on from his success in Sole Bay (the battle of) must take the lion's share of the plaudits for his masterly control of this flawless production. His undoubted talent as Master of Ceremonies and Smartie throwing held the show together. The guest star appearance of John Le Mesurier Lund-Lack with his own version of "Daffodils", accompanied by photographic evidence, was exhilarating. So too was the masterly re-creation of the legendary "Frost Report" explanation of the English class system - here we witnessed the emergence of a new comic trio act, and you are urged you to remember the names of Corke, Field & Pearson who will rise to greater heights (if that is possible for Corke).
What next for this talented bunch? A grand tour of other Rotary theatres seems to be in the offing... watch this space!