Practice Interviews

Tue 29th January 2013 - Wed 30th January 2013

To be held at The Thomas Walker Surgery. Practice interviews for 5th & 6th year students in association with The Peterborough School

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As part of our Vocational programme, we offer practice interviews to year 10 & 11 pupils, which are carried out in premises away from the school, by two Rotarians.  Applicants prepare a CV for an occupation of their choice, normally associated with their education and career plan.  Interviews are planned at 30 minute intervals to give time for reviews to take place.  The Peterborough School is a regular participant each year and this year 23 students took part.  State schools have been invited to participate but have not done so in recent years.  We invited the schools career teacher to make comment for publication in the local newspaper and a copy of that follows.

Rotary Club careers help for Year 11 pupils

We were very fortunate to have the support of the Peterborough Minster Rotary Club last week when 10 of their members gave our Year 11 pupils practice interviews for a variety of employment areas.  Our pupils completed a brief CV and Application form for a