House & Fellowship rota

and list of duties.

If you are unable to carry out your duties on the listed date, please arrange to swap with another member, and let David Bull know so that he can update the rota and inform the President of the change.




   5  John Beardsmore Dave Watson
 12  Peter Oakden Dieter Shaw
 19  Derek Bryant Chalmers Cursley
 26  Dieter Shaw Tony Glyn-Jones


   3  Allan Childs  Dave Bevan
 10  Anthony Merrett  Peter Millins
 17  David Cadwallader  Paul Todd
 Pepe Pozo
 Andrew Warren
 31  Stephen Shearing  Peter McLoughlin


   7  No meeting  
 14  Mike Barden  Tim Hunt
 21  Special event  
 28  Terry Neale  Stan Fraser


  4  Richard Langley  Sundar Sundaresan
11  Shahed Khan  Phil Roberts
18  David Bull  Chris Sales
25  Roger Wyborn  Peter Clark


 Richard McKeen
 Charles Hogbin
 Vic French
 John Beardsmore
 Terry Neale
 Bruno Kilshaw
 Peter Oakden
 Andrew Warren
 Derek Bryant
 Dave Watson

When it’s your turn to do House & Fellowship...

• Arrive about 12 noon, to have the hall ready for use by 12.20.

• Hang banners around the walls.

• Place lectern and bell in the President’s place, with the other regalia hanging or on shelves behind his chair.

• Ensure that the Visitors Book is open on the table just inside the hall with the box containing members’ name badges alongside.

• Check table settings to ensure they are appropriate for the proposed meeting.

• Welcome visitors, and ask them to sign the Visitors Book.

• Introduce them to other Club members, including the President.

• Suggest to members that they offer to host our visitors at their table. (This is important if they are strangers to our Club.)

• Place plastic box with raffle tickets, alongside President's lectern, together with the bottle of wine for the prizewinner.

• Put away furniture and regalia after the meeting, and make sure no personal possessions are left behind.

• Decide which of the two of you will do the following:
   Sit beside the speaker at top table.
   Propose a vote of thanks when called upon to do so.
   Write a report, preferably the same day, and email it to Phil Roberts for the Club website, and to Bruno Kilshaw for our Facebook page.