Choche Microfinance Project

Latest News: The Million Birr Project has received Rotary Foundation approval and has raised over $60k. It can transform lives in Choche, Ethiopia through loans to improve coffee yields and income and Fair Trade premium to improve school facilities.

Hada Biyaa shows of some of the 30,000 high-yield coffee seedlings her group of women borrowers are raising.

The Story of the Village of Choche and Why the Project Started 

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The Global Grant to Choche started in August 2013 with a fund of 1.2 Million Ethiopian Birr.  Since the start 104 farmers and 66 women have been provided with loans.  From December 2013 the farmers have been harvesting coffee and paying back loans.  Training will soon be given them on how to improve their coffee varieties and yields.  Training is provided by agricultural advisers

30 Computers were delivered to Choche School in June.2013 and are now being used in the new secondary school which has been government funded from January 2014.

Rotarians from Jimma Central with the School Director Sisay Alkasa

showing computers donated by Keswick Rotary Club

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