Emergency Boxes

Fri 14th September 2012 - Thu 14th February 2013

A report on the club's contribution to Emergency and Shelter boxes.

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For many years the Rotary organisation of Great Britain has had an emergency box. The idea was that this box could be sent to any country in the world where there had been a disaster eg floods,hurricanes earthquakes etc

The concept was that the emergency box contained a variety of items that would be needed after a disaster eg clothes,abay clothes,tools,cooking implements etc.Also the box was made of plastic so itcould hold water that could be turned into drinking water with the aid of  water purification tablets.

As a club we have for the past ten years have supported this concept.


This was the original idea.It contained clothes for children and adults,cooking implements and tools etc.A list of items  was provided by Rotary Great Britain.

Clubs could gather material according to this list or simply send money to purchase a box.Club memebers were each givenspecific items to collect or  purchase.When the items were asssembled we had to make good the gaps.It was a good opportunity for fellowship.The completed box was sent off to a central depot.

We started to do this in 2000 and completed a number of boxes .



A further development for providing drinking water.

These are straws specifically designed for a person to suck up non potable which is  filtered to become potable water.


This is a  development from  the original Emergency box.It is a very sophisticated idea .It even inlcudes a tent so a family can sleep in it and keep out of the rain and cold.

All the equipment in the box is brand new and much of it is similar to that found in the original Emergency  Box .We started to purchse these in 2009 and raised sufficient money so that five were sent following  the earthquke in Hiati. They cost £500 each.The boxes are stored in a warehouse and can be sent to a disaser area at a monments notice.

In 2011 the St James troop of scouts managed to collect sufficient funds for a Shelter Box.

The Shelter box tents were often seen on the televisoon reports from Hiati.


Life straws.  2009 to 2011 money donated by the club  £350

Aqua boxes. 2011-2012      "                                          £2,000

Shelter box. 2009 -2012      "                                         £8,750