Benfleet Rotary Club is proud to support Rotary's own charity and the work that it does - The Rotary Foundation




Last autumn we planted 5,000 crocus corms, with the help of some local schools, to promote the polio plus campaign. The polio vaccine is administered on a lump of sugar. The problem is, of course, that children like it, and want another one. So when a child is vaccinated, their finger is dipped in an indelible purple dye, so that they do not get overdosed. Hence purple crocuses remind us of this ongoing good work.

Here are our 'before' and 'after' photos from Hadleigh School

And here is some more planting at Cedar Hall School

2018 Calendar

For 2018, we produced a calendar to raise funds for the project to eradicate polio from the world

As at the second week in January, we had raised £445.50 for this worthy cause. Do email if you would like one for a small donation, as we still have a few left

Our club's Foundation record

Benfleet Rotary Club was the proud winner of the "Thornton Foundation Salver" in 2011-12, as the club that collected the most for Foundation in our district in rotary year 2010 - 11

The club is committed to supporting the work done by Rotary's own charity - The Rotary Foundation

In particular, as well as supporting Foundation, we have collected for the Polio Plus campaign to eradicate polio from the world

Every year hundreds of purple crocuses flower outside Castle Point Town Hall as a symbol of this support

If you visit us, you will find we have good fun with our raffle and fines each week, the proceeds of which go to Foundation

Some of our members also give to Foundation by standing order, which enables the charity to benefit from Gift Aid

Every Rotarian Every Year gives each club the target of collecting the equivalent of $100 for every member of the club. Benfleet has reached this target several times in recent years