Arbroath Fellowship Smokies

Arbroath Fellowship Smokies

 Fellowship Smokies

The Rotary Club of Arbroath has teamed up with (Club Member) Stuart and Audrey Scott of arbroathsmokiesdirect, partners of Stuarts Fresh Fish to produce, distribute and sell Vacuum packed Arbroath Smokies, and the proceeds from this project will go directly to Foundation; Rotary's own Charity.

What is a Smokie?

A Smokie is a smoked haddock...and this is what they look like......ready to eat!


Stuart, a member of the Rotary Club of Arbroath has been making Arbroath Smokies at the fit'o the toon in Arbroath since 1982 (check out Stuarts Fresh Fish website to see a short video showing how he does it) it is a unique product which has recently been awarded Protected Geographical Indication Status from the E.U. Vacuum Packed Arbroath Smokies will keep for 2 weeks in your fridge and up to 6 months in a good freezer.

But these are Arbroath Smokies with a difference - supporting Rotary's own Foundation Charity. Since Rotary became involved in Polio eradication, 2 billion children have been protected from the disease so far.

To order your Fellowship Arbroath Smokies

1. Go online: