Tree of Lights Book of Names 2018

Book of Remembrance

Donations have been made in memory of:

Names will be displayed here from 1st November and on electronic display boards in Allchurch Bailey (Baldwins) in Broad Street and Clifton Crick Sharp (High Street) from switchon day for the Pershore Rotary Christmas Tree of Lights on Saturday 24th November.

Gordon and Julia
Millie Brant
Reuben Brant
Caroline Crisp
Simon Cronin
F Elgar
G Elgar
George Ford
Ian Gardner
Pat Gardner
Deirdre Godwin
Richard Gubbins
Stephen Gubbins
Antonio Guerrera
Ron Harber
Vera Harber
Peter Harrison
Robert Philip Hicks
Robert Philip Hicks
John Hodgkins
Peter Richard Humphreys
Judith Jackson
Judith Jackson
Andrew James
Ivy Jenkins
Chloe Jordon
Norma Lander
Sharron Mathias
Maureen Meredith
Maureen Meredith
Leslie John Moore
Leslie John Moore
Joanna Mullett
David Newman
Patrick Newman
Wendy June Page
Geoffrey James Pearsall
Martin Pratley
Audrey Smith
Betty Taylor
Fred (Fen) Taylor
Greta Taylor
Robert Wilson Taylor
Stan Taylor
Robin Ellis White
Hilda Wilcox
Hilda Wilcox
Mum & Dad Wilcox
Mum & Dad Wilcox
Alan John Wilkinson

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