About our club

The Rotary club of Woking District

The Rotary Club of Woking District was founded in 1976 to provide opportunities for local people who could not meet during the working day but wanted to get involved with Woking and its many communities. We meet on a Wednesday evenings both as a social occasion and to discuss club activities and opportunities.

We are a vibrant club of over 40 members with a varied weekly meeting programme and a number of events each year which include fund raising and giving time to help the local community and support international projects which we as a club believe we should support. As part of the 'Rotary International' organisation we also support worldwide projects funded by the Rotary Foundation, which is the organisations international charity. Perhaps the most significant of these is Polio Plus which is a joint programme with the World Health Organisation to eradicate Polio from the world.

Over the past 10 years the club has raised around