Club Events Archive 1931 - June30th 2012

Club Archive from 1931 - 2012

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This is the Archive of WERC for the years between its Charter in 1931 and the end of the Rotary year 2011-2012, and is presented in .pdf format to condense the amount of space required for it.

The first 75 years are covered comprehensively in John Handcock's book - 'The Windsor and Eton Rotary Club - The First 75 years' and is summarised here. Limited numbers of copies of this book are available by contacting the Press Officer using this link.

Since 2005 and the coming of the first version of the website a great deal of information is now available. The links below .pdfs of the pages as they appeared in the website up to the beginning of the 2012-2013 year, but there are a large number of photographs uploaded to Flickr, which are available to members through the Members pages after Logging in.

Full copies of the website for this period are also available on disk on request.

Year President Photograph Archive Files

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2005-2006 David Shaw   2005-2006 

Ron Lewandowski

75th Anniversary

 2006-2007 Part 1  2006-2007 Part 2

 75th Anniversary Events -2006

 75th Anniversary Events - 2007

2007-2008 Bob Pickles

  2007-2008 Part 1

  2007-2008 Part 2

  2007-2008 Part 3

2008-2009 Paul Bayley                                          

  2008-2009 Part 1

  2008-2009 Part 2

2009-2010 James Lang

  2009-2010 Part 1

  2009-2010 Part 2

2010-2011 Derek Bishop   2010-2011
2011-2012 David Wheeler


  2011-2012 (incomplete)