Programme and Duties

The President of Sleaford Rotary Club talks at a recent meeting.


Speakers and rotas 18rd July- Aug-Sept 19th 2018

18th July- No meeting -Scatter evening (for District Quiz)

25th July – Open Forum, Special Olympics discussion

1st Aug – Andrew Milner – My charity work

8th Aug- President John & Shelagh-St Paul’s Boxing Club/update Uganda-Partners evening

15th Aug- Karen Delathouder –career talk

22nd Aug TBC –Alan Precious –Hull and District Live at Home Charity

29th-Aug – Open Forum

5th Sept – Chris Jarrell/Terry Hartford –The Avenues Bicycle Project

12th Sept – TBC

19th Sept – RYLA Students feedback (TBC)

Dates for your diary –. 18th July -District Quiz- no meeting at the Village- 8th August Partners evening ** see list above 15th Aug, Career talk –Karen

Date Cashier * Host /return of thanks Vote of thanks

18th July SCATTER EVENING FOR THE DISTRICT QUIZ - no meeting at the village

25th July John Morris Robin Mason N/A

1st Aug Denise Lawson John Cumming Bill Deakin

8th Aug John Hall Ian Ibbetson Val Rhodes

15th Aug Glyn Evans Stewart Heron Lorraine Hamilton

22nd Aug Tony Hudson John Morris John Cumming

29thAug Val Rhodes Vlad Tuttianu N/A

5th Sept Stewart Heron Gordon Norman John Curry

12th Sept Denise Lawson Lorraine Hamilton Robin Mason

19th Sept Margaret Curry John Curry John Cumming

* The return of thanks (grace) will be carried out by the host as part of the Host duty,if you are unable to carry out your duty please arrange a replacement and let me or the President know. ** new members carrying out duties will need help, please. Many thanks Margaret