Programme and Duties

District Governor Robert Morphet on recent visit to the club with President John Rutherford and Assistant Governor Humber Maritime Group, Janet Drewery.


Speakers and Rotas 12th June 2019 – 31st July 2019 - Rotary Club of Hull

12th June - Prof Steve Archibald from the Daisy appeal –Partners/friends evening

19th June – President John-update on the Mathew Good Foundation

26th June - Presidents Handover

3rd July – Wyke Students

10th July –no speaker –volunteer needed

17th July - Robin and Jane Mason, update on the RIBI conference in Hamburg

24th July -TBC

Dates for your diary

12th June - Prof Archibald from the Daisy Appeal speaking about plans for the next stage – Partners/friends evening

26th June – Presidents Handover

Sunday 7th July New Presidents BBQ

Date Cashier * Host /return of thanks Vote of thanks

12thJune Jane Mason Lorraine Hamilton John Cumming

19th June Margaret Curry Gordon Norman John Morris

26th June Stewart Heron Vlad Tutuianu President

3rd July Ian Mills John Cumming Robin Mason

10th July Peter Shipp Gordon Norman Andrew Milner

17th July Val Rhodes Bill Deakin John Curry

24th July Margaret Curry Glyn Evans Ian Mills

31st July Peter Davies Stewart Heron N/A

* The return of thanks (grace) will be carried out by the host as part of the Host duty.