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The club has for some years presented an award for Community Service to a pupil who has demonstrated outstanding comittment to helping others as well as being actively involved in activities outside the college.  The award was presented at the college during last night's award evening by President Robin Mason to Esther Meza.  The recomendation given by the college reads as follows.

Esther was an all-round exceptional student. She had a phenomenal work ethic and was incredibly driven towards achieving her full potential both in and out of the classroom through the additional activities she undertook. She had a kind and empathetic nature in wanting to support others and it was no surprise when she submitted an application to study Mental Health Nursing.

Esther was a very well organised independent learner who had a genuine interest and enthusiasm for all her subjects, in particular Psychology. She was totally absorbed in her studies and undertook a huge amount of additional independent research. Esther’s particular interest in the human mind led her to volunteering for the local charity Hey Mind, offering peer support for students of the same age to talk to and offer guidance following training. She fully understood the importance of confidentiality and discretion and proved she was suitable to work with a vulnerable client group.

Esther was a pleasant and polite individual who was able to empathise well with other students and alternative viewpoints. Alongside this, Esther was also a dedicated member of her local church where she got actively involved in activities to support people from her local community. Esther was certainly well suited to the role thanks to her thoughtful and caring nature to help and support others. She had excellent interpersonal skills and was able to work with a diverse range of people from all backgrounds and abilities. We have rarely taught a student who demonstrates greater commitment both in and outside their studies.

Esther is shown with Robin after the ceremony.