International and Foundation Committee

International and Foundation Committee

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International and Foundation Committee 2015-2016

Summary of donations made by the International Committee in this Rotary year

Rotary Foundation- based on our club membership            £2,500-00


Donations to International Charities from a budget of £5,000


World wide crisis


Ebola Crisis   (West Africa)                                                                                £500-00

Aqua Box survival kit         (Global)                                                                      £980-00

Shelter Box survival tents and kit  (Global)                                        £590-00

Nepal Earthquake from funds                                                            £600-00

Street Collection with Rotary Club Windsor St. George              £1400-00

Education in deprived areas

The Cecily Fund (AIDS orphans in Zambia)                                    £200-00

School of St.Jude Tanzania (Poor children with high I.Q.)            £200-00

Lunch4Learning, Uganda, to provide a meal for every child         £500-00

Literacy in a Box, Zambia (essential educational aids in a box)   £300-00

Restoration and New School Buildings

GAGA (Goodwill and Growth for Africa)  Orphanages & Schools £200-00

Health Measures(Global)

Smile Train (Specialize in cleft lip surgery - Global)                       £300-00

Rotary Jaipur Limb (Africa, India, Sri Lanka)                                            £300.00    

Dentaid ( Dental Health Care: Africa,Romania,Timor Leste)         £200-00

Community recovery

Send a Cow, Goat Chicken                                                                             £200-00

In Addition, members take part in the Polio Plus Appeal in India.

This is voluntary work in conjunction with Indian Rotarians. 

India is now declared to be free of endemic Polio!       .