Community Service - Activities

Community Service Activities

The Community Service Committee oversees many of our local activities - in short, anything to do with serving the community in its widest sense.

Our specific activities are always under review, but currently include:-

The annual Christmas Collection in Lion Walk Shopping Centre

Food parcels at Christmas for the underpriveliged

Help for local Young Adult Carers (a drop in centre and core competencies certifiicaiton scheme)

Transport help for The Colchester Blind Club

Dictionaries4Life - where we supply a dictionary to primary school children at several local schools

KidsOut Day - where we take special needs children & their carers on a day out to Colchester Zoo

Young Carers Day - where we take Young Carers for a day out at Mersea Outdoor Activity Centre - this project is run in conjunction with our colleagues at the Rotary Club of Kelvedon & District

Caravan Holidays - where we take disadvantaged families (normally with a child with a severe health problem) for a weeks caravan holiday

Monthly Food Collection - where we collect food items for homeless families

V Festival Tent Collection - where we collect tents and other camping equipment left behind at the Chelmsford V Festival

Play Santa Appeal - where we collect toys for underprivilged local children at Christmas - we do this in conjunction with Williams & Griffin & The Essex County Standard

Family Days Out - where we provide a day our for underpriveleged families

Hats for Headway - where we all wear a silly hat in return for making a donation to the Headway Charity