Tribute to Desrae

A tribute to the late PE Desrae Tucker

A tribute to Desrae


Desrae Tucker was not one of our longest serving members. In fact she was still one of our new members having joined at the end of 2009 but in her three and a bit years she became more involved than some members do in 30-years.  


A dedicated and highly respected teacher in several Newport schools, Desrae retired when Deputy Head of Brynmawr Comprehensive School, It meant she could devote more time to her many hobbies and commitments in most of which she held office of one sort or another.  She was past president of Soroptimists, a leading light in the Photographic Society, and totally involved in local theatricals as actor, producer and general factotum. She was also an inquisitive traveller to many parts of the world, enjoyed walking, helping her local community, and being with family and friends.


As a member of our club, Desrae helped with bucket collections, did more than most toward our "Mary's Meals Backpacks" project, and raised fund by staging a New Year 'At Home' and from discounted ticket sales for her production of 'Dad's Army' at the Dolman. She served tea at musical concerts and at a garden party, marshalled at the Jubilee Beacon on Ridgeway, and took part in an outing to the Westerbirt Arboretum.


Only 18 months after being welcomed as a Rotarian, Desrae became chairman of our busiest and important Projects Committee. In that capacity she helped organised many fundraising and service events.  She visited the Newport Sea Cadets annual inspection to establish how we might best provide help to secure the future of its HQ.


Desrae was due to become Club President in July 2013but was taken ill in March, operated on, and died suddenly while recuperating in a close friends home. Penhow Church was packed for her funeral Service demonstrating the esteem in which she was held by a wide diversity of friends and colleagues. She will be greatly missed by many people


Desrae would have been a great Club President and would undoubtedly uave qualified for a Paul Harris Fellowship. A very sad and early end to the full and unselfish life of a lovely lady.


Desrae Tucker 1944-2013