Young speakers night on 1st July

Mon 1st July 2013 at 19.30 - 22.00

Young speakers evening with speakers from three local schools

An excellent evening was enjoyed by members at their weekly North Hants Golf Club meeting on 1st July with Young Speakers from three local schools giving presentations on a subject of ther choosing. Details of the schools, speakers and title of the talks are as follows:-


  • St Nicholas School 

            Isabella Milne-James  gave a talk entitled "Does the internet have a positive or negative effect". A most insightful and thought provoking presentation highlighting the unique value and also the potential dangers of the internet.


            Emily Griffiths spoke on "The pressures of sport in our generation". This was  another deeply considered and well argued  presentation which drew attention to the serious problems which can result in such a fiercely competitive environment.


  • Court Moor School  

      Charlie Crumpton and Kavya Ganababy gave a highly informative historical account of "The Crusades" and the issues raised over the centuries by attempts to impose religious domination.


  • Calthorpe Park School      

      Georgina Moore and Joshua Montgomery spoke on the value of sport and its potentially positive effects on the younger generation, fostering team  spirit and promoting fitness and health.

 The evening was hosted by