Butterfly Garden competition 2014

Sun 21st July 2013

Results from the 2013 competition

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We plan to run the competition in 2014. Here are some details from last year's competition.

The Rotary Club of Glossop again ran the Butterfly garden competition for the primary schools in the Glossop area. This year was the sixth that the event has been held and again there were 12 schools taking part.

In the first year the competition was very simple; each school was provided with a used car tyre, a bag of compost and some seeds. The aim was to grow plants that would encourage butterflies and for the children to watch for different butterfly and learn about their life cycle.

It was hoped that this would stimulate some interest for gardening in some of the children but this has now gone far beyond all our expectations. From growing a few plants in an old car tyre, we now see many well designed flower and vegetable beds. When we thought we may get 5 or 6 interested, now, in most schools it is a full class taking part with one school having a gardening club of 56. Other schools also have gardening clubs that are of great interest..

We started trying to get them interested in the butterfly but this has encouraged then to study many other things like, a pond to breed frogs and many other forms of wildlife.

The children were asked if they had learned anything; they all said YES!

Had they enjoyed everything; YES!

Would they like to do something similar next year; YES!

Did the teachers like the idea of the project and they too said YES!

The result of the competition this year was very close indeed with all taking part doing a great job. The winners were St. James C of E Primary, with Hollingworth Primary very close runners up.   

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