Presentation ceremony at Court Moor school

Tue 16th July 2013 at 09.00 - 11.00

Rotary Young Writers Presentation at Court Moor school.

The presentations of the Rotary young writers winners took place at Court Moor school on 16 July 2013. Photos are of the two winners, Rotarian John Burton and Head Teacher Beverley Stevens. Caitlin Griffith was winner at Senior level at Fleet Rotary Club, Rotary District and Runner-up at Rotary in Britain and Northern Ireland. She was also the recipient of the annually awarded Rotary Shield for the best overall entry from all Fleet Schools - shield shown in her pictures. Priya Dhami was winner at Rotary Club and Rotary District Intermediate Levels in the Rotary Young Writer competition. It was an excellent achievement for two young writers from the same school to win the Rotary District level award and many congratulations to both of them. Also for Caitlin to be awarded runner up at National level was an outstanding achievement.

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