Associate Membership Rules

Lewisham & Penge Rotary Club - Rules for Associate Membership

1st July 2015

The purpose of Associate Membership is to introduce prospective members to Rotary.

1. Associate Membership will be for an indefinite period.

2. The subscription shall be £50 per year, or as otherwise determined by club members at an AGM.  Subscriptions are payable on the 1st July each year or when joining if that date is not the 1st July.  Subscriptions in any one year for Associate Members joining after July will be pro rata, calculated on the number of months that Associate membership is offered during any one Rotary year.

3. There will be no refund for any Associate member leaving our club before the expiry of his/her annual subscription.

4. Associate Members are entitled to attend all club meetings, social functions and other club organised events.

5. Associate Members are not entitled to visit any other Rotary club unless as a guest of that Rotary Club.

6.  Associate Members are not entitled to take office.

7. Associate Members are not entitled to vote on Club, District, R.I.B. I. or R.I. matters.

8. Associate Members are not entitled to wear the Rotary pin.

9. Associate Members will be encouraged to attend club functions and at least a 50% attendance of club meetings is expected.

10.    Should an Associate Member take up full membership, his/her associate membership subscription will be credited against the full membership subscription that then becomes due.

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