Supporting our Young People

What we do each year.

Supporting Our Young People

Our Club works closely with the local High School and the 7 Primary schools in the area to provide complimentary activties to support the school curriculum. Feedback from the school is always positive with the High School Head Teacher describing the benefit we offer as "stranger danger" i.e. we facilitate and judge the pupils' activities using Club Members who they don't know which closely mimics the "outside world" for them. Something teachers, who are well known to the children, can't achieve. For our members, the activties are hugely rewarding, seeing the pupils grow and develop as they progress from Primary to Secondary and being constantly amazed at the ability of the pupils. A constant feedback from members is "I'm sure I couldn't do so well at their age". 

Below are some of the activties we provide each year.

Technology Day: we provide a Technology Day for 3 primary Schools and the High School based on the physics of flight. This not only allows the pupils to develop their dexterity to make the specialist models we provide, but is supported with information on flight and energy release. The fun element comes from a competition where each rubber band powered plane is tested and the longest flight is judged the winner. 






 Joint Charity Support with the Schools: We engage with the local schools and encourage joint charity fundraising. We have undertaken joint fund raising for Water Aid, Mary's Meals (a charity providing a meal a day to schoolchildren in Africa) and many more. The photo shows our International Chairman(2014) Brian Brookshaw (pictured front right) who provided a talk to the school on the charity Water Aid providing water and sewerage services in the developing world. The pupils then arranged to raise funds from a non uniform day and our Rotary Club agreed to match the funds raised by the pupils. The photo shows Brian presenting the Rotary cheque to the school which resulted in over £800 going to Water Aid. 






Primary School Football Competition: each Septmeber we hold a football competition for all the primary schools in the area which is refereed by pupils of the High School. The photo shows the winning team  from Gilwern Primary School in 2013.







Netball competition:from 2014 onwards we have been providing a netball competition for the High School and primary schools where we facilitate an inter schools competition to provide an opportunity for the young people to display their netballing skills.

Youth Speaks competitions: Each year we facilitate public speaking competitions in the High School and all the local Primary Schools. This offers the pupils the opportunity to gain confidence in preparing and delivering a presentation or debating a topic in an area relevant to their annual curriculum.  The winning teams from the High School then move onto the the Area, Distruict and potentially National finals of the Rotary Youth Speaks competition.The photograph shows the winning team from Crickhowell Primary School.





Young Interviewer: Each year we faciliate an opportunity for pupils from the High School to interview a prominent member of the community. Over the past few years we have been fortunate to be supported by our local AM Kirsty Williams who has agreed to be "grilled" for 10 minutes by each of the pupils taking part. "Scary but really useful" is the feedback we normally receive from pupils (and a similar response from Kirsty). The winner has the opportunity to progress to the Rotary Area and District finals.








Support to Learning through IT: We regularly support local schools with specialsit equipment. As an example in 2014 we donated £600 to Gilwern Primary School and £500 to Crickhowell High School to provide specialist equipment for additional learning facilities for the pupils.



Mock Interviews: each year, we provide pupils at the High School applying for a University or work placement a practice interview with verbal and written feedback provided.The feedback is generally "tough but very worthwhile". 

Young Chef Competition: each year we facilitate a Young Chef competition at the High School. Pupils have to create a 3 course meal under the watchful eye of specialist chefs. Over the last few years we have been fortunate to be supported by the Head Chefs from the Michelin starred Hardwick Hotel in Abergavenny, the Old Rectory Hotel and Dragon Hotel who adjudicate the competition and help and support the pupils.

Young Musician: each year we provide a platform at the High School for the pupils to showcase their musical talents. The competition is held for vocalists and instrumentalists with the winners progressing to the Area, District and National finals of the Rotary Young Musician awards.We invite professional judges from the Welsh School of Music to feedback to the pupils on their achievements.The photo shows the 2014 winners.

Young Photographer: this is a new competition started in 2014 and allows young people from the school and the community to showcase their photographic talents.We facilitate the judging of the photographs by professional photographers, with the winners having the opportunity to progress to the Rotary Area and District finals.

Young Writer in English and Welsh: Each year we provide an opportunity for the pupils at the High School to showcase their writing skills in English and Welsh with adjudication undertaken by a local author and the winners having the opprtunity to progress to the Area, District and National Finals.

Young Artist: this is a new competition which will be judged by a local artist and will provide an opportunity to showcase for the young people in the community to showcase their talents.

Young Citizen: this is a new competition open to all young people in the area and is judged on their support and participation in the community.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards: each year we offer 2-3 young people the opportunity to spend a week undergoing leadership training in the Brecon Beacons to help them fulfill their potential as people.

Entrepreneurship Day: each year, in the last week of the school year, the school leavers have an  opportunity to explore entrepreneurship by working in teams on projects over 2 days. This is provided jointly by the school and Rotary to prepare pupils for the workplace.