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Halstead Rotary supports Halstead in Bloom

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Halstead in Bloom was formed in 1999 when Michael Portway and Julia Smith took up the challenge to gather together a community based team. The first meeting was held on 18th January 2000, and from this a committee was formed to organise Halstead in Bloom (HiB).

HiB sought first of all to provide some floral displays within the Town Centre to brighten up the streets. Some neglected areas were tidied, and all residents were urged to take a pride in their locations. These efforts were given publicity and soon others were enquiring how they might help. Schools, Age Concern, Young People's Groups, organisations and societies for all ages have come together to show their pride in Halstead.

Halstead in Bloom has grown greatly since the early days and on Tuesday 10th Sept the 34 members of the team attended the annual Anglia in Bloom award ceremony in St. Albans.

Where they achieved Gold in our category of "Town" (i.e. population 6,001 - 12,000) they also received a best in category and were voted the best overall entrant for the second year.

 The Guides and Brownies were awarded Gold for their allotment entry.

The judging for the this year