The Rotary Club of Stourbridge - Background

Background Information on the Rotary Club of Stourbridge

The Rotary Club of Stourbridge

RIBI District No. 1060 Charter No. 1236

There are about 70 members in Stourbridge Rotary Club who are local business and professional people who enjoy shared experiences and each others company in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Members represent a cross section of the local business and professional community, architecture, accountancy, pharmacy, medicine, surveying, veterinary, local government, librarianship, councillors, law, banking, insurance, trade and industry, engineering and technology, utilities, transport, marketing and international business,, education, telecommunications and electronics, civil service,  building and construction, environment , community services and many others.

Fellowship is an important part of being in Rotary and fellowship events are arranged on a regular basis they may be a visit to the theatre, a visit to lunch with another club at one of their club meetings, Shakespeare performance at Ludlow Castle, a concert at Symphony Hall in Birmingham, Christmas concerts, sponsored bible readings, jazz evenings, pub skittles, inter-club District quizzes, wine and cheese events with a celebrity speaker. The range of speakers' topics is very wide and includes instructive, informative and humorous subjects among others. There are visits to places of interest, theatres and concerts and wives and partners are welcome. There is also a small golf section which is involved in inter-club matches. Wives and partners have a ladies group who meet separately and also have speakers and make visits together as a group.

The Club has a very successful quiz team that plays in the District Quiz Competition on a regular basis, coming joint first in 2008-9 and was outright winner in 2009-2010. The quiz sessions are hosted by clubs in the District and give an opportunity for further and wider fellowship with other Rotarians in the District.

Members leisure and hobby interests include sailing, fishing, golf, rugby, tennis, cricket, football, snooker, bridge, travel, gardening, walking, local history, historic buildings, industrial archaeology, fine arts, historic transport, painting, music, amateur dramatics, singing, theatre, opera and participation in many other activities, associations, societies and pastimes. Funds for charitable purposes are raised by events and also street collections and contributions from the public and individuals are generous and frequent as is participation in events which are organised to raise funds. 

Fund-raising events in any one presidential year (July to June) contribute in excess of £20,000 towards carefully selected and researched charitable causes locally, nationally and internationally. The Club, which maintains a membership of around 70, is thriving and new members are joining at regular intervals. In 1988 the Club twinned with the Rotary Club of Sturbridge Mass. USA and exchange trips of members and their wives have taken place at regular intervals. Members usually staying with members of the opposite number club on such occasions.


The Rotary Club of Stourbridge was established on 11 January 1922 and the first meeting was held at the Bell Hotel in Market Street on 1 February with its founding President, A.H.Moody in the chair. It is one of the oldest clubs in the District and its initial annual subscription was two guineas ((2.10) and there were 47 members. Meetings were held fortnightly one of its first fund raising efforts for charitable purposes was for a Boot Fund to provide footwear for children at a time when unemployment was high and there was much poverty in the area.

The Club moved its location to the Talbot hotel in the High St. at the beginning of 1926 which offered more spacious facilities. It held its first Ladies Night on 28 January 1926. In December 2006 it moved to Hagley Golf and Country club where it now holds its weekly lunchtime meetings. Over the years the Club has become more and more involved in charitable activities. At the Club's annual Charter Day, senior members with over 25 years service in the Stourbridge club are celebrated and saluted by their peers; as at 2010 there are 20 senior members and the average overall average length of membership is just under 18 years with 14 0f the members having joined in the last 5 years. Members who have provided service and given input to the club and the community in particular beyond what is normally expected and over an extended period of time can be awarded a Paul Harris (founder of Rotary) Award in recognition of this. Stourbridge currently has 17 Paul Harris Fellows as of 2010.

The Rotary Club of Sturbridge, 


Over 250 years ago people from Stourbridge established a community in New England which they called Sturbridge.   Today the Rotary Clubs of Stourbridge and Sturbridge are twinned and both clubs regularly visit each other.   Information on the Rotary Club of Sturbridge can be found on their District web site at