Interested In Membership?

How to find out more about our club and how to become a member.

Our membership team is led by Anne Sutcliffe.

Why did I join Rotary?

"Having a preconception of Rotary being for the older male generation with a secretative initiation ceremony, I was glad to learn that it is open to any person who works and is passionate about giving something back to their local community, national charities and international needs. It has broaden my friendship group and I am now involved in projects I never knew existed."     

                                                                                                                                                       Richard Greenwood commented "I was getting inundated through my business with various charities asking me for financial support, and like a true Yorkshireman I found my arms were too short for my long pockets. I joined the Rotary Club of Sowerby Bridge because I wanted to be part of the local community and be able to enjoy giving my time and experience to help support both local and international causes"


We are currently running a Satellite Group, which meets once a week for drinks at a pub in Sowerby Brdge, usually on the last Thursday of the month. This is for people who want to give something back to the local community but haven't the time to attend weekly meetings. Check out for more information, or contact Anne. 

Anne Sutcliffe

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