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Dear fellow Rotarians,

I have written this document as a summary of the simple rules for 4 types of membership in consultation with the membership committee. I have considered our options carefully and you will see the results below (N.B. the corporate membership pilot continues until July 14 and the information on the website remains the same so there may be additional guidance later in the year, but this need not prevent us moving forward.)

I am asking you all as members to read this document, along with a more detailed presentation that I will deliver on Friday 21st March with Q&A, to enable us to move forward with membership and be able to cover all the possibilities for potential members in Gloucester.

I have also asked other rotary clubs, the district governor and past district governors about their views on membership, particularly around corporate membership.

Rotary Types of Membership

1.      Active membership (us!)

2.      Honorary Membership

3.      Corporate Membership

4.      Friends of Rotary

The membership committee will determine who will interview each new member so we have a set process in place.

Active Membership

         For qualified business and professional leaders/workers who are interested in and committed to advancing the mission of Rotary

         You are able to hold office in the club you may become President! You can also serve RI at district and international levels in time.

         Expected to try and regularly attend, pay an annual subscription and consider an annual voluntary donation to Rotary Foundation.

         Ongoing annual membership.

         Prospective members will be invited to the visit the club up to 3 times (this will include a free lunch); undergo an interview with the 2 members of the membership committee and gain approved entry into Rotary

         Current List of Active Rotarians  - 42



Honorary Membership

         Offered to those who have distinguished themselves by worthy and admirable service in Rotary ideals

         Elected for one year only and continuing membership must be reviewed annually

         Cannot propose new members to the club or hold office and are exempt from attendance requirements and club dues

         2013 2014 - HONORARY MEMBERS VOTED IN AT AGM 26.04.13 5 members

         Commanding Officers of the Salvation Army, The Mayor of Gloucester, ARRC Representative, Leader of the County Council, Bishop of Gloucester

Corporate Membership

         Allow a corporation or company in the clubs area to become a corporate member (s) of the rotary club

         Invite to join and ask the company to appoint 2 designees as the individuals attending club meetings, serving on projects, voting on club matters, serving as club officers and on club committees

         The membership process as used for active membership will apply

         2 designees should be a senior director/manager and another managerial post (dependent on the company size and sector) who the company chooses to put forward (if the designees needed to be changed the membership process would be applied again)

         Expected to try and regularly attend  and is seen as an official member of rotary

         We have a list of 8 at the moment that could be corporate or individual not including those prospective members who are currently attending some lunch time meetings.

Friends of Rotary (Non Membership)

         All potential friends of rotary to be recommended by existing club members to membership committee to Club Council who wish to support the mission of rotary.

         All the friends will be reviewed by the membership committee on an annual basis it may be that some wish to become active members at that time or are no longer to commit time and support

         Friends of RCG will not have any rights or privileges in the governance of the club (and may not want any, or they would have chosen to be active members at the outset)

         Access and links to the RCG website and other useful rotary links

         The right to attend Club Luncheons, speaker evenings, events and activities subject to prior notification and normal payment to House (Matt Cass)

         Circulation of a Rotary newsletter or Ingear via email or post

         Certificates of thanks will be sent out once a year

         We may wish to include:



Why become any type of rotary member in the first place?

I have asked myself that question on many occasions and have spoken with other Rotarians as to why?

Here are some of the answers you gave:

I knew that when I attended the first lunch I wanted to be a part of something that seemed to have real purpose, it felt meaningful and I wanted to make a difference.

I just wanted to do something else with my time and by combining helping the community locally and internationally and meeting new acquaintances and making new friends Rotary fit the bill.

To make a difference; to help the local community; to help people in need wherever they live in the world; network and have fun with like-minded people. help change the lives of people less fortunate than me for the better.

One President said:

As Rotarians, you can become a bridge between the millions of dollars available through the Rotary Foundation and the poorest populations of the world. Knowing that and not becoming a Rotarian is almost criminal. People say they came to Rotary because they felt my passion and I could communicate it to them. (Brazil)

"I finally said yes out of a sense of obligation, but after I joined I realised how glad I was that I did the connections I've made through my club have really helped my nonprofit work."

"Every Rotary project anywhere in the world always started with one person who had an idea they were able to grow and develop that idea by getting other Rotarians engaged and using that powerful network of Rotary to really change the world."



As a Prospective member why would I become an active member of Rotary?  new marketing leaflet (A5)

Real friendship, fellowship, fun:

Rotary members have a lot of fun! Every club arranges events and activities and gives members the chance to forge new friendships, enjoy fellowship with like-minded people who share common goals, as well as raising money for worthwhile charities.

Opportunities for business networking that are endless:

Rotary consists of a cross-section from every business community and its members come from all walks of life.

That you can provide corporate social responsibility:

by acting dutifully, ethically, legally and with respect for the community and the environment.

Are you willing to give back to the Community with Rotary?

Be it fundraising for a local charity, volunteering at an event, working with young people or building a school in Africa, the list of opportunities is endless.

Rewarding and meaningful, personal development:

 You can develop leadership, public speaking and vocational skills as well as cultural awareness.

Yes, you can do it!!  Service above self Contact the Membership Committee today: - Details of how to contact us and then the membership committee can start to determine the best pathway into the club.


Real Opportunities That Are Rewarding  Yes to rotary!





What we must ensure does not happen to prospective new members?

        Try not to jump on new members when they join, as this can put them off.

        I personally felt swamped when I joined and was on two committees before I knew it. I didnt really appreciate how much time it would take up.  Im sorry but that was the way I felt at the time.

        If we get lots more members; then even if they contribute a little, it makes it easier for everyone else.

        Ease them in slowly.

        Established Members need to appreciate that some of us work full time (especially if we are aiming at professional people) and have other interest outside of rotary which take up time as well and cannot attend every rotary function.

        Ensure that the committees are explained fully so the new member can make an informed choice about where they could support.

        What is district? full definition

        What is Foundation? full definition

        A mentor allocated to the new member and not necessarily the member that introduced them.