Frats Duties

Frats Rota
Frats are to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled meal time. Provide a bottle of wine for the raffle. Set out the club articles required for the meeting. Mark up the attendance register. Collect payment for the meal. Get all visitors to sign the visitors' book. Give the President their details Issue visiting Rotarians with an attendance card. Help to promote fellowship with all visitors. Collect up the club articles at the end of the meeting. Settle the meal bill with the hotel staff.
Bernard Stevens (Chief Frat)
Ekaterina Moteva
Stuart Scott
Charles Crane (Chief Frat)
John Bennett
John McCarthy
Bernard Stevens (Chief Frat)
Ekaterina Moteva
Stuart Scott
Alex Forrester (Chief Frat)
Peter Jackson
Peter Pattinson
John Bennett (Chief Frat)
Charles Crane
John McCarthy