John Batchelor - Book on Stamps

Thu 12th June 2014

Talk by John Batchelor, one of the most prolific and published illustrators alive.

The world-renowned artist and technical illustrator John Batchelor, MBE gave an absorbing illustrated lunchtime talk to the club on 12 June. One of the most prolific and most published of living artists, he is best known for his cutaway drawings of aeroplanes, vehicles, ships and military equipment, and his illustrations of firearms. He is also a leading designer and illustrator of postage stamps, having produced many hundreds for some 50 different countries.

His mastery of the specialised technique of the cutaway drawing was demonstrated by an incredible slide of the American aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, the astonishing detail of which was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Surprisingly, he recounted that he was refused entry to art school as a youngster. His account of how he secured his first commissions for the boys' paper "Eagle" was a prime example of how to succeed by perseverance and by flatly refusing to take no for an answer.


John Batchelor, one of the most prolific and published illustrators alive. His love for illustration and painting combined with his technical knowledge and skill make him a formidable technical illustrator and stamp designer.


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