Recycle your Bicycles Wheelchairs Specs Tools

Sat 21st September 2019 at 09.00 - 14.00

Results Now In - Another Remarkable Collection ***** Collecting unwanted Bicycles, Wheelchairs/Mobility Aids, Tools, School Backpacks and Spectacles - for refurbishment and distribution to those who need them but can't afford them


Beauttiful weather for this our 6th collection. We don't know where all the stuff comes from, but today we collected

  • 106 Bicycles of all shapes, sizes and condition
  • 6 Wheelchairs
  • 6 Rollators
  • Assorted mobility aids - crutches, zimmers etc
  • 16 Sewing Machines
  • 3 large vanloads of hand and power tools and other workshop equipment
  • 150 pairs of spectacles
  • Many unwanted childrens backpacks

All these unwanted items will be put to good use - and someone somewhere will be very happy

Recycling Bicycles, Wheelchairs Etc

Main Car Park, llkley

Saturday 21st September 2019

9am to 2pm

We will be collecting 

  • unwanted bicycles - any size, any condition, including incomplete, parts, spares etc
  • wheelchairs and mobility aids - any condition including crutches, walking frames, rollators etc
  • Outgrown School Backpacks
  • Spectacles - any condition, any strength
  • Hand Tools and Workshop Tools ( Not Gardening ! )
  • Sewing Machines
All these will be refurbished and put back into use. as explained below


Bicycles will be collected by the Margaret Carey Foundation - based in Keighley - who have set up a number of workshops in prisons where bicycles can be refurbished by prisoners - learning a skill, using their time productively and giving something back to society.

The refurbished items are then donated onwards sometimes in the UK, but in the case of robust and serviceable items, onwards into the 3rd world.

Wheelchairs and Mobility Aids

Wheelchairs will also be refurbished by the Margaret Carey Foundation  in prison workshops, and then donated to people in 3rd world countries who desperately need them , but can't afford them.

Other mobility aids - crutches, walking frames etc - will be donated to PhysioNet a Rotary based charity in North Yorkshire who will refurbish items and transport them to people in the 3rd world who desperately need them, but can't afford them. Physionet and the Margaret Carey Foundation work closely together.

 Rollator reused in Bhutan



Your unwanted spectacles will be forwarded to the SpecSort charity - organised by Rotarians near York. All spectacles capable of being reused will be refurbished and sent to the 3rd World - usually to Africa - where there are people who desperately need them but cant afford them.

Hand and Power Tools

Hand and Power Tools, Workshop Equipment and Sewing Machines will be taken by the Ilkley based "Tools for Africa" volunteer group who will clean them up, refurbish them, and forward them 



School Backpacks

Outgrown and unwanted school backpacks - any size shape or condition -  will be taken by Mary's Meals who are providing assistance to schools in impoverished 3rd world countries where education is of paramount importance in helping to raise living standards. Mary's Meals are providing assistance to 1.25m children - and they need school equipment to help them in their studies.

The backpacks will be refurbished and filled with new school equipment (pens, rulers etc) and sent overseas.

The children need these things in order to learn properly - but they can't afford them. These are life changing gifts.

Click here for more details.

Your donations will make a difference....

Save Landfill !

Give work to offenders who can learn a skill and pay something back to society.

Give people the means to earn a living, to be mobile, to better their lives.

These are life changing gifts 

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