Community Service

Community Service Plan for 2017 - 2018

Community Service Programme Club Assembly 2017 - 2018

I would to thanklast year’s committee for all their hard work. I will be relying heavily on the experience of those members who are continuing this year.

We will hopefully continue our traditional activities:

Elderly Persons Xmas Lunch; Last Christmaswe decided not to put on the longstanding party.I have however had quite a few people asking whether we could reconsider for the coming year and this will be discussed in committee shortly.I trust that if it is decided to put on the party again this year we can count on the support of Rotary.

Rotary Barbeque.This will be taking place on 27th June with the kind permission of Deana and Gerald.Having checked the long range weather forecast i can guarantee excellent weather. Having said that I guaranteed excellent weather last year which didn’t happen. We will get it right one year!

Nights out at the Nantwich Players Theatre.We had an excellent visit to see a Sherlock Holmes play this year which was enjoyed by all, and this will feature next year.

South Cheshire Orchestra and the Macmillan concert have been favourites for some years and they will continue in the coming year

We will continue to support for various community activities in the town. This has included helping with various community projects under the organisation of the Nantwich Civic Society.I have also had advance warning of help required for the Nantwich Show and the Big Day out.

Last year we started the process of providing volunteers for the Crewe and Nantwich Befriending society.Unfortunately, the funding for the project was withdrawn and the service is being continued only for those volunteers who were in post in April this year.I would like to thank those Rotarians who volunteered and visiting people. Catherine Hooligan who was running the befriending service now has a new post helping set up an organisation to help people from their own compassionate community.It sounds like something which will be of interest and I will be meeting Catherine shortly to see where we can help each other.

As always the Community Service Committee will be calling on members to provide their support and I am sure we can rely on you all!

Richard Morgan-Wynne

Community Service Committee Chairman 2017/18

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