Speaker Meeting

Thu 12th June 2014

Mick Payze

Mick Payze, a Rotarian from Australia, and cousin of Carole, wife of our member Derek Cranston, spoke about the developments in container ports and his involvement in this. Having spent many years managing, designing and giving advice on ports for P & O Asia he now runs his own consultancy business working on many projects around the Pacific.   Clients include port constructors, banks, shipping lines, aid agencies and national governments. 

The latest container ships are massive, carrying 18,000 containers and cannot enter many ports now due to depth of water, low bridges, outdated loading equipment and insufficient room at the quayside, etc.  Mick feels that the ships are probably too big now, as they encounter difficulty in finding a full load for a return journey, having to visit a number of ports to make the journey worthwhile.

Mick gave a Powerpoint presentation of a number of his projects past, present and future.  He has been involved in planning and supervising the building of a new port at Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea for the PNG government as well as others in the Maldives and Timor-Leste.   He worked on the creation of a new wharf in Vanuatu and extending the port in Pusan, South Korea, whilst in the pipeline is the building of a new deep water port near the airport in Auckland, New Zealand. 

It was a most interesting and informative talk.