Club Equality and Diversity Statement

Adopted on 1st July, 2014 and confirmed annually

The Rotary Club of Plymouth Mayflower is committed to ensuring that all our activities as part of a service organisation, Rotary International and Rotary in Great Britain and ireland provide equality of opportunity, including the Anti-Discrimination [Direct or indirect} laws of the Equality Act, 2010 relating to the Protected Characteristics below.

Age, Disability, Race, Religion or belief, Pregnancy and maternity, Gender, Sexual orientation,Gender reassignment,Marriage or Civil Partnership.

Under the Equality Act, 2010, we are subject to the ' general equality duty' that applies to all bodies execising public functions.

Club Council agreed on 1st July, 2014, that its equlity and diversity objectives are to:

1. Ensure the Club presents itself as a diverse, forward thinking and respectful group of people;

2. Ensure our membership framework is fair and free from discrimination;

3. Promote professional values that protect a diverse public;

4. Promote equality of opportunity and access to the Rotary organization;

5. Ensure that the Club council and club members support equality and diversity;

6.Ensure that the high standards alluded to in the Four Objects of Rotary and the Four-Way Test are maintained by the members of the The Rotary Club of Plymouth Mayflower; 

7. Ensure any complaint is dealt with in accordance with the RIBI Equality and Diversity Policy.


Signed: William Wills  (President)   on 1st July, 2014

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