Big Pitch

A young enterprise competition at West Somerset College

Big Pitch

A young eterprise competition


Big Pitch Challenge Day*


Teams  then formulate their ideas for a business and  prepare their Business Plans


Each team puts forward its business proposition to the Dragons Den (Rotary mentors). The proposition are reviewed, advice given, a mentor allocated, and the Business launched


Teams meet weekly with mentors and College staff to discuss progress and for advice / guidance


Mentors give short sessions on marketing, accounting, etc. at these lunchtime meetings


Teams look for opportunities to sell their wares. Outlets such as markets and garden centres are considered for the teams to trade (The Rotary Christmas Market in November gives a good opportunity for trade). Trading finishes at Christmas


In January the teams put together their Business presentations with guidance from mentors and staff


The Big Pitch Final. Finalists present at a Rotary Club meeting where a winner is selected



*Challenge Day


Set the Challenge

Identify target market

Undertake customer profiling

Calculate profit

Design and cost product

Design logos, packaging, advertising material

Prepare pitch

Present to Judges and our 'Lord Sugar'

Our 'Lord Sugar' announces result

Presentation of prizes and photos