Vision Aid

Danetre Rotary Club collect and box up around 1000 pairs of unwanted spectacles each month.

Donate your spectacles and help the world to see!

What Happens to Unwanted Spectacles?

Some just languish in drawers, cluttering up our lives and serving no useful purpose. Some are thrown away a waste and bad for the environment. But some are recycled to help people in Africa who would not otherwise be able to get the spectacles they need.

 Ruth Farthing, of Daventrys Danetre Rotary Club, was shocked and saddened when she was told that: There are many children in schools in Africa who cannot see the blackboard or read their textbooks. This must be so very frustrating for these children. And it means that they will not get the education they need and deserve. And when they grow up they will not be able to fully help and support their families and communities.

 So, determined to do something, Ruth now collects the unwanted spectacles - almost a thousand every month or so - that have been returned to the opticians in Daventry, all of these opticians participate in this recycling. She then sorts, packs and dispatches them to a Charity called Vision Aid Overseas which uses them to help support the 20 Vision Centres that they have set up or now fund. Through these Centres, and through Outreach, about 100 professional volunteers have helped almost 50,000 patients, and over 13,000 hours of training are provided each year.

 So, if you have any unwanted spectacles then do please recycle them to any Daventry optician!