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In an effort to support local primary schools in improving child literacy levels the Club embarked upon a pilot project in 2011 by supplying the Usborne Illustrated Dictionary to every pupil in Year 6 in one primary school.

Such was the success of the pilot that in 2012 the project was widened by including thirteen local primary schools and the two other Lowestoft based Rotary Clubs also became involved.

The dictionaries were obtained through the Dictionary4Life project at a cost of £3.50 each. We were fortunate in obtaining sponsorship from local businesses which, alongside funds from the three Rotary Clubs and grants from District, enabled us to offer the project to all twenty-one local primary schools.

Evaluating the impact of the dictionaries became important and with the help of a local independent OFSTED accredited specialist, we became aware that we could achieve greater impact if the dictionaries were presented to Year 3 pupils so that primary schools could make use of them for several years rather than one year.

Nearly one thousand dictionaries were presented to pupils in 2013 and 2014 and preparations are now in place to have a similar number available for presentation in 2015. We now have more sponsors supporting the project which has removed the need for the Rotary Clubs to make any funding available.

To mark the partnership with local schools the Rotary Clubs presented a framed certificate to every school in 2015 and these are now displayed in prominent places in each of the schools.