Himalaya Gurkha


President Douglas Mulholland welcomed visitors from the Rotary Clubs of Alloa, Dunblane, Himalaya Gurkha, Kirriemuir, and Stirling. Andy Trombala introduced Siri Gurung as speaker for the evening. Various local Rotary Clubs, with Kirriemuir in the lead, combined to send funds to Nepal in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquakes. Siri, accompanied and supported by his club president Yuba Garung, gave an interesting and at times deeply moving talk.

He traced the two hundred year history of Gurkha soldiers in the British Army. He encouraged those attracted to mountain climbing, trekking or white water rafting to visit Nepal and experience its scenery and culture. He gave an extraordinary personal memoir of the events of dreadful days of quake, tremor and aftershock. Most of all, however, he wanted to thank all the Rotary Clubs that came to his country's aid; Nepal is poor and modest sums of money are multiplied many times over by the willingness of local people to work for no personal gain to utilise building material purchased from donated funds.

The vote of thanks came from Malcolm Webber.