Isles of Scilly Rotary Club's project to ship furniture and computer equipment to Romania.

Loading I.T. equipment for shipping to Romania

Two years ago the Club embarked on a Project to send aid to Romania. Last year, in November, furniture, computer equipment and clothing was collected in the old school, packed and carried to the Quay for onward transportation.


One of the many helpers carrying computer equipment, no longer needed by the Island's school, to a make-shift loading bay on the pavement outside.  As well as the redundant electronic equipment there were several stacks of classroom tables and chairs, all to be wrapped and loaded onto pallets ready for transporting down to the quay.  The spaces within these stacks were filled with bundles of clothing that had been donated by islanders.

The club is very grateful to both of the carrier companies on the Island who moved the fourteen pallets down to the quay and loaded them onto the ship for transport to the mainland.