Shelter Box

Shelter Box Gold Award

The Isles of Scilly Rotary Club is keenly involved in supporting the "Shelter Box" organisation.  We are proud holders of their Gold Award and since receiving this we have carried on raising funds to sponsor even more boxes.  This Spring we made a special appeal for cyclone-struck Vanuatu.  More recently we have been able to collect much needed funds to go to the earth-quake struck regions of Nepal - the response to this has been very generous.

In July last year we held a "Shelter Box Day" for the Islands, when visitors and islanders alike could see and learn something of the valuable work carried out by Shelter Box.  There was a display of equipment contained in a typical box as well as some of the tent types used.  The photograph above (taken by a visitor) shows one of these tents, whilst the one below, shows a different type of tent with our President just putting the finishing touches- being used here to house the equipment used for the commentary on this charity's valuable work.  This event raised in the region of £800 for Shelter Box.