Details of any youth project or club involvement

Aberaeron Rotary Club wants to provide opportunities and any assistance that is possible to the youth of area to gain from life experiences. To this end the Club wants to engender a sense of service and self help to any of those that may benefit from this policy.

The Club, for some years, has been assisting with funds so that two young persons can visit Auschwitz.

Another young person is also selected to attend Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) were they are challenged on physical and mental projects. This is to build team and leadership skills.

REPORT 02/03/2017

There have been participants in various Youth Competitions the last being Youth Speaks English in Ysgol Bro Dinefwr. Thanks to Ian Lampert for coming down to offer his support and to Rhian, from the English Department, who organised the teams. There were 2 teams, both of which did very well. 

It is hope that there will be entries for young photographer and writer. 

We currently have one person very interested in attending RYLA. 

REPORT 11/10/2016

With the co-operation of Staff and pupils from Ysgol Gyfun Aberaeron there should be entrants for the following Rotary Youth Competitions; -

Welsh Youth Speaks - team assembled;

Welsh Young Writer - looks very likely to take place;

There is interest once again in Young Photographer - we'll see how that develops!; and

Young Chef will be organised.

YOUTH REPORT (07/04/2016)

Firstly let me praise Kelly for all the hard work she has been doing with the Interact group. Photos of them presenting cheques to Helen Herbert should have appeared in the Cambrian News by now and we will be able to get copies for our website -- if this has not already happened. They organised an Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday 3rd April. A lot of hard work went into the organisation and I waiting to hear the results. I am really pleased that they are coming up with good ideas, which can be repeated next year. Let's not forget the big concert in July. Help of all descriptions will be needed. Kelly and I will keep the Club posted.

Rotoract in Aberystwyth has 4 full time members and some who want to be there but work and other commitments get in the way. This is comparable with Cardiff's full time membership. We are still planning to go ahead with the Blood Pressure Awareness Day, which will be "supervised" by Alison from Cardiff and supported by at least Boots in Aberystwyth, who are willing to, amongst other things, give us floor space. We are one of the few clubs in Wales supporting Interact and or Rotoract. The Rotoract Club is holding their second quiz night on 14th April in Harry's Bar in Aberystwyth. Proceeds will go to Mary's Meals. Yes, I realise that it is a Rotary Night!!

Young Photographer didn't happen. I did speak with the member of staff concerned on several occasions but unfortunately no entries were passed on to me.

On a happier note we did enter the Young Writer Competition. This is a first for the Club. The member of staff who did all the hard work said that next year we could put in entries at both levels. It is good practice for the pupils. I shall sign and return all the entries -- I shall photocopy the ones requested. I have asked the member of staff {Rhian Thomas} to congratulate and thank the pupils on our behalf. I have seen some myself. I did "mark / judge" the entries this year, which was never my intention and so volunteers to do the judging would be very welcome.

The four students who have been helping with MOW are still going to be doing it after the Easter Break. 2 others who were involved had to stop, one left school to go to college and the other has work experience -- nursing related -- every Thursday. Could we write a general letter thanking them? I could fill the names in.

On a final note, we do have a candidate for RYLA. Her name is Kyra Walker. She has provided me with a "CV", which I shall bring with me to the Club on Thursday. I have asked Elaine to send a £100 deposit to Jeff Hobden. Our candidate from last year is willing to come and speak to us -- we need to give a selection of dates -- as are our 2 previous candidates when they go down at the end of their academic year.



We did not enter a team for the Youth Speaks Competition as 2 of the team had to withdraw at very short notice. I apologised to Dai Llandovery. There were only 2 teams entered for the competition at either age groups. A sad state of affairs.

We held the Young Chef competition. The Shield is being taken to be engraved by John and Elaine. Thank you. The Home Economics teacher is keen to run a competition in the Christmas Term.

Both students attending the Auschwitz Seminars and visit have completed all forms and are looking forward to the experience. The first seminar is on 21st February and the visit is on the 24th February.

I am hopeful of having entrants for both the Young Photographer and Writer competitions. There is plenty of time to complete these.

I have done nothing about RYLA and time is running short to find a suitable candidate who will be free to attend the course. In fairness to the student, they do need to block off a week in August. Time has to be arranged around family holidays etc. "Suitable" means that a candidate needs to be able to socialise and communicate. The ability to work as part as part of a team is paramount. They must be able to share accommodation with up to 5 others. Expertise in one or more fields is an advantage but by no means a necessity.They are put into random groups for their specialised event. They do need to be reasonably fit as the week is always described as "tiring". It is an outdoor pursuit course. Ask Lewis. They do not need specialised equipment but realistically if they have walking socks, boots, wet weather gear etc it helps. This is why the candidate for 3 of the past 4 years has come from the DofE group. It should also be noted that we do not get many applicants - never more than 2 in the past 5 years. The most we have had was 4 and that was 10 years ago.

I received no interest from Dyffryn Teifi School but I think we should discuss offering them "sponsorship"  for the 2016 /2017 year.

YOUTH REPORT (25/01/2016)

1.       Our students involved in the Auschwitz project have both received their on-line registration email accounts.

2.       We did hold a Young Chef competition. We linked it with the school Urdd first round competition. It was used as publicity for our competition, which the teacher in charge wants to hold in September. We will need to get the winner's name put on the shield. No-one was put forward to our next round. I did e-mail the person in charge but received no reply. The winner received a £10 as a one off prize. If we were to wish to "sponsor" the event next year we could provide certificates. To pay for the costs would be about £70 based on what the children paid for the ingredients. A photo was taken of the winner and the Head Teacher.

3.       On February 9th there is a chance to go to the Cardiff Rotoract Charter Night in the Nova Hotel Cardiff. £12 a ticket, dresses for ladies, smart casual for men. Ian is looking at hotel prices. Our Club has not met as yet due to exams. Polo shirts for those who ordered them -- me, Ian and Mal -- will be waiting for us in Cardiff.

4.       Jeff Hobden has contacted me about RYLA. Places are filling up quickly. I have done nothing as yet. If we intend to send someone we need to decide very soon.

5.       The Interact Club in school are raising money by doing Valentine Cards for Welsh Valentines Day. We have a blank big cheque in school. Dr Helen is contacting our President Jessica to arrange the handing over of the cheque. £300 to St Johns and £100 to Dementia Society. Cara Lloyd's concert is still on and will be later on in the year. There are members from year 10 to year 13 so it looks good for next year.

6.       I attended the latest St Johns meeting on behalf of the Club. Tony will give details of the match funding. They would like our help in an administrative capacity -- taking names and general help -- when they hold two First Aid / CPR / De Fib sessions for the people in Aberaeron. They are willing to come to talk to us and also do a similar session for us.

7.       We have a team for the Youth Speaks Competition this week -- this Thursday.   

YIRF    Rob