Details of International projects.

KIVA UPDATE (07/04/2016)

The Club has made eight loans totalling $200.00 and from repayments received should be shortly able to make a further loan.

The countries were we have made loans to are El Salvador, Lebanon, Nigeria, Philippines and Sierra Leone

It is worth noting that 100% of every dollar lent on Kiva is used to fund loans. Kiva doesn’t take a cut of the loans made on the website or charge interest to Field Partners. Instead, rely on donations from the lender community to cover the operations and expand access to microfinance around the globe. This is why Kiva ask for an optional 15% donation ($3.75 per $25 lent) each time we make a loan


The Club has deposited $150.00 which has been loaned to individuals across the world for them to build and develop businesses. We have six loans outstanding with funds to invest in another project. 

This has proved to be a way of helping people and communities to improve their financial and social position.


The Club was able, at very short notice and with the assistance of Ceredigion County Council, obtain a street collection permit to collect funds for the Nepal Earthquake. The generousity of the local population saw us collect £571.00. A very big thank you to all the rotarians who gave up their time and to those that freely donated.

Aberaeron Rotary Club is a small club that, over any one year, has a limited financial income.

'Sustaining Members'

The Club, at present, has a small membership of 12. We have 10 of our members who are 'Sustaining Members'. They pay £5.00 per month, plus gift aid from H.M.R.C., to Rotary International which is used to fund international grants and projects, along with funds towards disaster relief.


Following a presentation at the District Conference in 2013 the Club decided to help in international projects / development by providing funds to individuals, communities and groups through the KIVA organisation.

Kiva is a non-profit organisation with a commission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, KIVA lets individuals lend as little as $25.00 to help create opportunity around the world.

Since January 2015 the Club has invested $100 in four projects.The three projects that have gone ahead are:-

Food production and Sales in El Salvador;

Cosmetics sales in Labanon; and

Fishing in Philippines.


With the repayment of loans we have re-invested money in three further projects and there has been agreement to invest a further $25.00