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Ginnie Waddingham

I am one of Meridian Rotarys newest members.  Myself and my husband Neal joined together as we found that although we had separate hobbies we thought it would be great to join something that was diverse enough to give us both time together and also give us the  chance to be involved in either separate or the same committees  and events.   I am looking forward to having a greater understanding of what being a Rotarian means and I am looking forward to going to the Rotary Conference on the Isle of Wight later this year.

I am a former Town Mayor of East Grinstead and really enjoyed the community aspect of being involved with the Town Council.  This was one of the things that encouraged us to join Rotary as we have watched them in action throughout the town over the past few years.

We have always lived locally, both us and our children went to school locally.  I was very active in Community events in Ashurst Wood where we lived before moving into the town 11 years ago.

I particularly enjoy Christmas time and I feel that the Rotary Christmas collection is such a special event as most people are incredibly generous even those who are having a hard time themselves.  

I have found myself to my great surprise joining the Meridian Rotary Radio team.   I enjoy many different types of music, not too keen on Rap and hard rock or punk but pretty much anything else, from Classical to Indie and much in-between.  One of my favourite eras of course is the 1970s, which were my  teenage years, when, in my opinion, most of the great songs were written, many of the best groups were around and artists ever since have done cover after cover of songs from that time  simply because they were so good! 


Steven Kirupai

Hi my name is Steven, but most of my friends and family call me Steve.  I'm a happy go lucky, bubbly chap with a permanent smile on my face. Im one of the youngest presenter on the Rotary On The Radio show, which is live on air every Saturday between 1-00pm - 4-00pm.  Our show incorporates some amazing chats, interviews, fantastic music and the occasional mess up (which is mostly down to me).

Since joining Meridian FM I have been having so much fun broadcasting to East Grinstead and the surrounding areas.  I am grateful to work alongside a fantastic team of presenters within my show, who all offer something different to the show and most importantly keep me in line.  I like the 80s & 90s music, but as my daughter is getting older I'm compelled to listen to all types of the latest hits, I must confess, I'm beginning to like some of the new tunes that are out now.which I end up playing on the show.

When I am not presenting the show at Meridian I have my own Estate Agency business in Brighton, called Brighton Homes.  My Daughter & wife keep me pretty busy too. When I do get a little spare time, I like to do the following, fishing, flying & boating.  I live in Crawley Down Village and East Grinstead Is my local town. As I'm involved with the East Grinstead Meridian Rotary Club and now a Radio presenter I'm looking forward to meeting you soon.


Lesley Robinson

I've lived in East Grinstead since 1978, when we moved here with our two small sons.  I enjoy living here the town has so many historic buildings and the countryside, especially Ashdown Forest, is really lovely.

Over the years I've been involved with several local groups.  I joined the EG branch of Save the Children and the Parents' Association at Blackwell School; we did lots of fund-raising and I remember collecting and sorting piles of clothes and bric-a-brac for jumble sales.  I helped to set up the EG Toy Library, and assisted with handicraft sessions at two junior schools. 

For relaxation, there was yoga and a women's discussion group only non-domestic topics were allowed.  Reading has always been a favourite pastime national daily paper, the local rag, books and magazines, and I enjoy music, from classical (Beethoven is favourite) to 70s tunes, Abba, Elvis, songs from Shows to Caribbean steel bands. but not, I'm afraid, some of the latest hits. 

With my sons growing up, I joined EG Citizens Advice Bureau and trained to be a volunteer adviser, then became manager of a CAB in Surrey.  This was a really interesting and rewarding job, and it led to my involvement in Rotary.  I met representatives of many local organisations; one invited me along to a club meeting, and a few months later I joined.  That was 17 years ago!  Like many new members I knew little about the enormous scope of Rotarys charitable work, locally and internationally.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to get more involved.  At the moment I head up our international projects team in the EG Meridian Rotary Club.  Members of Rotary place great importance on fellowship, and if we are abroad - on business or holiday  we are welcomed as friends by local clubs.

I'm still not sure how I got involved in our Rotary programme on Meridian FM  one day it was being discussed, the next I found I was part of it! 

Anthony Beevor

I have been living in East Grinstead for nearly 20 years having lived in Sussex and Surrey for even longer. I am a member of the Rotary club of East Grinstead Meridian and also the East Grinstead camera club.

My main interests in life include Rotary, photography and golf although the latter is played is not particularly well. I am a chartered surveyor by profession and I'm still in practice in East Grinstead.

I joined the East Grinstead Meridian club nearly 20 years ago when my wife and I moved to East Grinstead and have experienced a great deal of fun and fellowship with the members both socially and are fundraising and service activities.

The radio show on the Meridian FM is a new venture for us and at the time of writing this article is somewhat of a novelty and we are having to learn fairly fast on how to make presentations, structure the news items so they can be of interest to our listeners and to operate the hardware systems as part of the radio show.

I hope that as my colleagues on the show and myself are able to project to the listeners what Rotary is, what it stands for and what it does for both the community and internationally. We also hope to encourage other members of the community to join us.

My taste in music is fairly eclectic covering old-style rock, modern jazz, what is often described as alternative music and some classical. I hope to be able to demonstrate these tastes on the show in the future.

I hope you find the show fun, interesting and informative and I look forward to being with you in the coming weeks and months. 

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