End Polio Now collection in Eccleshall 25th Feb 2017

Over £1,000 raised for the End Polio The collection held in Eccleshall on 25th February. Donations received from generous Eccleshall folk + the Gift Aid we can claim came to £340. Rotary will then receive x 2 that amount from The Bill and Melinda Gates Fo

The Rotary Purple Crocus campaign

·     In1985 Rotary International began the campaign to rid the World of Polio

·     In that year there were 350,000 cases world wide

·     More than 2.5 billion children immunised

·     By 2016 Polio cases are down to 37

·     Finally ending polio in the world requires massive immunisation campaigns

·     immunisations must continue for 3 years after the last reported case

·     The Rotary Club of Eccleshall Mercia together with the generosity of the local community continues to support the campaign

·     We are dedicated to completing the work of removing the threat of polio to humanity 


For more detailed information on the campaign

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