Rotary supports local Fire Cadets' Nepal Project

The Rotary Club of Holmes Chapel made a donation supporting fire cadets from the Holmes Chapel Fire Station who went to build a school in Nepal

Rotary supports local Fire Cadets' trip to Nepal


In November 2015 Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service will see 16 fire cadets aged 16 - 17 and 9 leaders embark on a two week trip to Nepal in partnership in with the UK registered Charity Classroom's in the Clouds. Classroom's in the Clouds mission is to provide affordable, accessible and sustainable education to all the children of Nepal. Fire Cadets Jess Leighton, Jess Lee, Ryan Lysycia, Lydia Stanley - Dale, and Cadet Leader Jen Regan from Holmes Chapel Fire Cadets have been chosen to make the trip with the team. Each Fire Cadet has a fundraising target of 3,250 for the trip which will pay for transport to Nepal alongside building materials and resources to complete the school build.

This once in a lifetime trip will see cadets and leaders will be assisting with building of a school under the shadow of Mount Everest in a small remote village in Nepal. The group are required to trek on foot through the Himalayas, to get to the village of Thulodhunga in Nepal to help with the school build project.

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service cadets are making this trip as currently Nepal is the 12th most illiterate country in the world with a literacy rate of 54.9% for men and 72% for women. Furthermore 47% of girls of primary school age do not attend school because of the accessibility to a school or other responsibilities. In addition many children in the Basa region of Nepal, work or take care of younger siblings or elderly relatives, so generally have no education

A plot of land for the school build has been secured by the villagers and have started building ready for the arrival of the group next year. With the aim of the trip being; apart from building a school for the village, is to give each cadet a challenge as part of their personal development. The trip will raise awareness of cultural diversity and enhance their knowledge about Third World poverty. They will also get to compare their lifestyle with that of a young person from a Third World country.

Both cadets and leaders from Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service are looking forward to the challenge that the trip will bring and grateful to contribution to the improvement of education in Nepal.

To cover the building costs Cheshire Fire Cadets are required to raise 60,000 currently 32,000 has been raised and regular fundraising updates can been on Cheshire Fire & Rescue Services twitter which is @CheshireFire.

Fundraising efforts and updates can also be seen on efforts via our website.

Opening of

Shree Chandrodaya Primary School

In the remote rural village of Thulodhunga, the latest 8 classroom CitC building project has been completed. The new classrooms replace a hopelessly inadequate 2 storey school built over 30 years ago on land donated by one of the village Elders. During the 2nd of the earthquakes the children were in the old classrooms and had to flee just before the upper floor of the school collapsed. The new school was under construction at that... point and was damaged but has been rebuilt incorporating improved earthquake resistance measures supported by a generous grant from the British Foreign School Society (BFSS).

Supporting the building work during one of the most challenging years in Nepal's recent history involved a huge effort from the small village community. Their tireless efforts ensured that the school opened on schedule at the end of October and children attended their first day in their new classrooms on 1 November.

The school has been built through a wonderful partnership with Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Fire Cadets. Over the last 2 years the Fire Cadets have raised money for the construction of the classrooms and the culmination of their efforts was to travel to the remote village of Thulodhunga for the Opening Ceremony of the new school. They were welcomed with an overwhelming programme of music, garlands and hospitality and treated to a cultural programme which included once in a lifetime opportunities to see and experience life in a remote rural village including ploughing with water buffalo and oxen and visiting the local homes, These wonderful insights into the simple lives of the subsistence farmer and a close knit rural community will stay with the inspirational young Fire Cadets for many years to come,

To put into perspective the efforts of the Fire Cadets and the local community; this is one of very few,
if not the first, schools to be opened since the earthquakes – an amazing achievement. The Fire Cadets are wonderful ambassadors for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.

A special mention must go to the British Foreign School Society and its Director Imogen Wilde who not only provided earthquake resistance measures at a point where there the earthquake had risked halting building work, but BFSS have also committed to supporting the provision of gender specific toilets, hygiene facilities and clean water.

More information about the Charity and the inspirational work they undertake in Nepal is available at

Or Classrooms in the Clouds Facebook page;