Guildford Eye Project in Kolkata India

A great example of UK Rotary Clubs working together with Rotarians in India to provide cataract operations and now specialist retinal procedures.

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The Rotary Club of Jersey working with other Rotary Clubs in the Wessex Region has been seeking to raise 6,000-GBP for a Global Grant to provide 2,500 to 3,000, dependant on strength of the rupee/UK pound, cataract operations in India as part of the Guildford Eye project.
With help from the following clubs this has been achieved: Salisbury, New Milton, Romsey, Wimbourne, Southampton Clausentium and Christchurch.
We are told these combined donations will be used to
1.    benefit the RNN Eye Hospital in Kolkata.
The reason for this help is: once you set up for the expected cataract operations and the like, you start to uncover a small number of patients in need of ''clever'' retinal procedures. The cost of the equipment for this is such that it would be difficult to justify kitting out each hospital only to have such expensive equipment laying idle for most of the time. A plan was developed which will serve around 19 hospitals within a viable radius of Kolkata such that we can bus patients from all areas to  a central hospital thereby enabling this sophisticated retinal procedure to be accessible to patients from all the hospitals. The RNN project will provide a coach to convey patients plus a smaller, converted to ambulance, 16 seater plus the funding for 400 retinal procedures.
2.    benefit the new eye hospital in Midnapore, West Bengal.
The Midnapore project will provide a phacco emulsifier to allow more cataract operations to be undertaken per day plus funding for 1200 IOL's. (Intraocular lens's, or cataract operations to you and me)
3.    So on both these occasions not only are we providing 1,600 cataract operations but also the equipment and transport to enable both hospitals to undertake even more operations.

All this from the generosity of these Rotary Clubs working together to benefit others.

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