Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Sat 2nd May 2015 at 09.00 - Fri 29th May 2015 - 09.00

a joint collection by Fleet Rotary and Fleet Lions

We are collecting your donations to help the thousands left homeless following the earthquake in Nepal. Fleet Rotary and Fleet Lions are leading the local effort in getting your donations to Shelter Box Charity who are already mobilised and getting temporary shelter and help to those in such need

Please send your donation payable to "Fleet Rotary" and post it to Nepal Appeal c/o Fleet Rotary, 16 Beech Ride, Fleet, GU52 7XQ

or drop a clearly marked envelope for Fleet Rotary into W C Baker & Son, the ironmonger, in Fleet Road, Fleet


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Thankyou to the people of Hart!

Our Hart Shopping Centre and Fleet Road collections on Saturday 2nd May raised a wonderful £3447.82 which will buy almost 7 more Shelterboxes to help at least 70 people, we appreciate your donations, thankyou

On 20th May Fleet Rotary members completed the count of the final collection from the Wishing Well in the Hart Shopping Centre for the people of Nepal. The total collected between 29 April - 20 May was a staggering £964.57

Fleet Rotary have already sent £3000.00 to the Shelter Box Charity to provide temporary shelter and water purification for around 60 earthquake survivors in Nepal and your donations will also be sent to Shelter Box who already have people 'on the ground' in Kathmandu

This brings the contribution from the people of Fleet and Church Crookham to £7412.39 - and contributions are still coming in!

More details about the devastation can be seen on the BBC News website

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