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19th October

Our bench in the Dollar Park.

We had the bench lovingly restored and replaced in its original position in the park next to the Prodigal Son. It was however moved from there to soft ground under the trees and was quite likely to rot there until Jessica Paterson Estates Development Officer with Falkirk Council got on the case. Jessica was instrumental in having the bench moved into the walled garden where it now sits in pride of place as witness these photos from Robert Spears. Robert is shown "posing!" with Ruth McGuire whom I believe must be from the Cirenians.

23rd September

Grangemouth and Falkirk Clubs got together again at the Howgate this time with the ShelterBox tent. The total raised between the two venues was £987. It is hoped that this will be augmented by other ventures and initiatives to £1,180 to allow the purchase of two ShelterBoxes. Well done everyone.

19th September

Ungrateful Grangemouth having had our support in York Square on Saturday chose to utterly thrash us comprehensively in the first round of the District Quiz in the Park Hotel on Tuesday night. The Falkirk Team was woefully inadequate against a more than adequate Grangemouth Team who won the day with a whopping 26 to 11 success.

16th September

Members of the Rotary Clubs of Grangemouth and Falkirk joined forces today in York Place in Grangemouth to raise much needed cash for Shelterbox.

7th September

Falkirk BID have won a Gold Award at the Keep Scotland Beautiful Awards today for the Best Business Improvement District. The Eating beds in Falkirk High Street were praised for being Inovative. The awards brochure can be found here. The Falkirk BID award is on page 17. This project was spearheaded by Linda and June.

31st August

Our latest new full member. Donald McNicol, well known to us all, who recently enrolled as an associate member has now joined the Club as a full member. Donald was inducted by President Margaret at our meeting earlier today. Welcome Donald.

26th August

We have traditionally, well over the last two or three years anyway, sponsored Equi-power Riding for the Disabled. Anne Brown who has benefitted from the sponsorship has been great at coming to the Club and telling us just how much the sponsorship is appreciated and how much is achieved because of it. These are the most recent photographs she has let us have. Hopefully she'll come back and tell us more.


Traditionally our "Community Achievement" award has been sponsored by Phoenix Honda and we are indebted to them for their support over the years. having no longer any local contact Phoenix have decided that they will no longer be able to continue the sponsorship.

At our meeting on 17th August ian Johnston made a plea for Club members to fill the gap and was immediately confronted by at least two offers. As a result the sponsorship of this year's Award will be by Morton Pacitti.

19th August

The Shelterbox stand in the High Street on Charities day manned by June and Linda collected £145 while the Bottle stall organised by Stewart Ross and manned by a plethora of members sold out at 3.30pm and grossed a total of £1,019.50.

Thanks to ARD Consultancy and Falkirk Football Club, George Honeyman raised £180 by raffling a signed Bairns strip, a signed ball and two tickets to a game at Westfield. Well done everyone!

The ball was won by Mrs Sylvia Cochrane, the strip by Mr David Wheeler and the tickets by Mr Narek Bido.


17th August

Our speaker didn't show up today but we had a very successful meeting simply chatting amongst ourselves.

14th August
5 Club members visited Linlithgow Grange on Monday 14th August. Jim Cairns, Tom Curry, John Struthers, George Honeyman and Andrew Niven enjoyed a very warm welcome from President Harry Miller and the members. An excellent meal was enjoyed while many interesting conversations unfolded.
The speaker for the evening was Rosie Black from Historic Environment Scotland who gave a presentation on the project that HES were intending to carry out around Linlithgow Loch to improve water quality and the surrounding habitat hopefully with the assistance of Rotary members. Rosie also intimated that HES have recently carried out work around the area of the Kelpies. It is hoped that she might be persuaded to come to Falkirk at some point to address the Club in a similar vein.

10th August
As a result of one of our members pointing out that our bench in the Dollar Park had been unceremoniously dumped under some trees behind where it rightly ought to be Falkirk Council was approached. They have been extremely co-operative and have been in touch to say that the bench has been temporarily placed within the walled Garden for safekeeping until such times as they can arrange to have it bolted down in it's rightful place.

10th August
Both DEBRA and Kidney Kids have sent letters of thanks to the Club for the cheques they were given on the 13th July. The letters follow. In the letter from Kidney Kids Sheena promises to let us know exactly how her charges fared in the Transplant Games. She has since let us know that the Kidney Kids gained 19 Gold Medals, 14 Silver Medals and 16 Bronze. What an amazing haul. Well done everyone.         

Representatives from Cycling without Age, Kidney Kids Scotland and DEBRA all visited the Club on the 13th July 2017 to accept cheques for their Charities.

Six members visited Shotts and District Rotary Club on Wednesday night 12th July. There was much said about the route that the two drivers took to get there but they all arrived in time for a pint before the meeting. Shotts lived up to their reputation of the most genial hosts when member Alex Napier stepped in to entertain the room because their speaker had called off. Alex presented a career Biography of Claus Wunderlich the celebrated German organist complete with bluetooth and internet technology to illustrate the breadth of the man's repertoire.

Incoming RI President Ian HS Riseley has chosen "Rotary Making a Difference" as his theme for 2017-2018.

Click here to see his Theme / citation brochure

The Club has received the following e-mail from WaterAid on 23rd June: -

Obse is full of joy because she has clean safe water near her home. This joy was made possible because of Clubs like yours. Thanks to the support of the Rotary Club of Falkirk, children like Obse will have the opportunity to grow, learn and achieve their true potential. Her Mother, Aberash, told us: -

"My children have had parasites and diarrhoea because they drank dirty water. Now we bathe our children with clean water and they drink clean water and they are healthier"

Aberash and her husband were both involved in the water project - carrying materials and helping to dig the trenches. They were both so desperate to give their children a better future. Now they can look at Obse's smile and know that she will grow up safe, happy and healthy thanks to their hard work.

Your Clubs donation of £600 will bring the same excitement and opportunity to the people of Liben Gamo, Babich Town and Toke Kombolcha.

Thank you so much for your committed support and generosity.

With best wishes

Imogen Hardman

After automatic counting and separation of coinage at Kidney Kids this afternoon 3rd July, The Grand sum of £492.82 (barring the discovery of any foreign coins) was raised at the Circus bucket collection. Almost half of the Club was present and by my reckoning including travel time grossed a total of some 29 hours. That equates to around £17.00 per hour! Not bad eh? Well done everyone who took part. 

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