Rotary Fayre

Sat 29th August 2015 at 10.00 - 16.00

Rotary Club of Perth's Annual Charity Fayre

Annual Charity Fayre – Saturday 29 August 2015

Thanks to all members who participated in our annual street fayre.  We raised a fantastic £4262 which compares with £3923 last year and £3582 the previous year.  Some of us had a rather long day - Alistair Duffy and Alistair Ritchie were already there when I arrived with my kids Conner and Holly at 7.30a.m. David Lindsay arrived in time for the bacon roll run and we pinned the names to the stalls.


By 8.15a.m. quite a few members had arrived and Gordon Dow brought down many of our supplies for the stalls in the Spectreglass van.  Gordon Hay and his bottle team got busy labelling the bottles and Mark Beveridge and his family of Elspeth, Lochlan, Bronte and Caitlyn were setting up the Tombola stall with the help of Ian McMillan and the rest of the team.  


By the time Bill Roxburgh arrived the book stall was overflowing with books - the book team had a particularly successful day raising a massive £393


Andy Ritchie and Andy Morgan ran the stocks and Nail in the bale respectively.  Business for both these items was slow but they both generated a lot of fun.  Thanks to all the Rotarians and Conner who kindly agreed (were coerced) into taking their turn in the stocks.......  shame we couldn't persuade any Perth Kinnoull Rotarians to do likewise!! (Alan - I hope you have managed to remove the smiley face I drew on your head??)  


The produce team once again worked hard and even managed to sell me some lovely fresh veg to make some soup with.


The Raffle team led by Jim Wylie maybe got a longer lie in on the day but they certainly caught up quickly with their experienced team including Bill and Iain ensuring all Rotarians took their quota of tickets and the whole team selling to the public generating a profit of £1059, £150 more than last year.


The dazzling star car - The Honda Civic type R - generated loads of interest for the Roll a dice stall led by Hamish Milne and Jimmy Robertson.  Perth Honda really did us proud by supplying such an item and their PR girl Layla worked hard all day.  £1000 was raised for charity and I hope a number of leads for the garage.


The backroom team with Harry Robertson at the helm smoothly operated the cash counting and Ian McMillan co-ordinated the PR for the event.


The stall holders tidied up around 4pm and David Robb, Alistair Duffy and myself stayed back and helped Alistair Ritchie roll the bale back onto his trailer and take away any remaining produce.


Around half the rotarian participants made it round to the Kirkside and we quickly took over the back room and enjoyed some liquid refreshments.  I had personally to stay to the end to ensure Jimmy Robertson and Andrew Morgan were looked after - this caused me to miss my buses at 17.55, 18.55 and 20.55!!!


We also assisted 28 charities by providing a stall for the day.  I do not know how much they raised but all people I spoke to had enjoyed their day.